• 9:14

Andres Solo:
Solo performances with various string instruments from all over the world such as classical and acoustice guitar, 12 string guitar, Bandurria, Charrango, Cuatro, Mandolin, Tiple. Andres accompanies the audience on a heartfelt and impressive musical journey - gentle and meditative or with fascinating colors and rhythms ... an unforgettable experience.

Andres & Amaresh Seelig:
Amaresh with his North Indian Bansuri flute and his Dilruba (a classical Indian viola type string instrument) joins Andres for an exotic sound merger of Indian and South American musical elements, weaving a unique blend which invites the audience into a meditative state.

Andres & Navino:
The German songwriter Navino is not only Andres' partner but she regularly accompanies him on his concert tours. Her songs are joyful or haunting, melancholic or full of hope! Navino sings beautiful and plays several instruments.

Andres & Ensemble:
Classical Guitar, Flute, Oboe, Clarinette, Cello!
The special sound colors of the individual instruments blend into a vast variety of combinations. Musical pieces written exclusively for this ensemble will guide the audience through the colorful Chilean nature - Music like morning dew: full of joy, light, positive energy ...
It is almost impossible to not feel well after such a concert!

Andres & Band:
Guitars, Trumpet, Vocals, Bass, Keyboard, Drums
An incomparable synthesis of various world music elements:
Sometimes like the Moon:
gentle and meditative, full of mystery ...
Sometimes like the Sun:
warm and radiating, filled with energy and joy...
Songs reminding us of the beauty of existence, an unforgettable experience.

Image & Sound:
In his music, Andres utilizes sounds recorded directly in nature, e.g.running water, the voices of birds or Whales.
During his concerts Andres, if requested, sometimes puts meditative images from nature such as flying Swans on a large screen.

This addition has regularly been received with great appreciation by the audience.

Andres Condon