Andres Condon


"In 2005 they had a wonderful and enthusiastic performance at the recent "Spring Awakening": Andres and Navino are modern spiritual troubadoures, partners in music and life. Their music is an invitation to find the stillness at heart through the intimate rhythm of their playing. Andres is a world traveled and well known musician. In his country of birth, Chile, he is a star. Among his international admirers are luminaries such as Ravi Shankar and Deepak Chopra."

Visionen 1/06, Rainbow Spirit Festival

"Andres Condon, one of Chile's most well known musicians, and his partner Navino Szimath are starting their new San Juan Tour this Thursday. The international 'world music couple' has just completed a tour in Europe during which they performed with other Mundovivo musicians in Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, and in Denmark. Last year they toured up the West Coast under the name 'Kopewe'.

Andres is a guitarist, composer, and producer, who often blends his own recordings with sounds from nature. He adds exquisite compositions for the 12 stringed Charrango, Bandurria, Tiple, Caipira Viola, and other instruments. His music reflects deep love for the beauty of nature and the indigenous rhythms of South America."

Lopez Island/San Juan/USA, 21.8.04

The five musicians from the land of the Andes put a spell on the audience right from the start. The magic lastet for almost two hours without stopping, and it kept building thoughout the evening. The young musicians from Chile who have all studied music in Santiago, delved in their rich melodies and rhythms of their own compositions, conveying in a very attractive and accessible musical language their beautiful home country in many facets and images: gentle and meditative, or in exploding colors and rhythms, a broad spectrum of 'world music', as the artists call their work, often with spiritual-mystical and ecstatic notions - and always mastefully performed.

The audinece went along - and more: at times it melted into the music. It was a grand experience."

6.10.2000 Witzenhausen/ WZ

"Chilean guitar and Charrango sounds transported the audience in the Roemerstreet in Nastaetten to another world on Sunday, the world of the Andes in South America: Divine music from Chile, the home of Andres Condon, and also from the neighbouring country Peru.

His own compositions and texts with quiet and modest sounds of the guitar, then building powerfully and back to being assuaged by the vocals of Navino Condon. The texts joyful and haunting, resignating and hopeful, socially critical without politicizing. The sound colors of nature shaped the play of the strings.

Two highly accomplished musicians not only offered excellent musical enjoyment, but a very unique sound experience. Instruments and vocals merged into a unity ... If you couldn't visit the small but wonderful concert in Nastaetten you definitely missed an evening of masterful art."

Rhein-Lahn-Zeitung, 12.8.03

"An unbelievable variety can be heard here - from sounds of water merged with flutes and guitar to birds' voices against a backdrop of string instruments. There are unique sound colors from the tradition of indigenous peoples (like the mouth harmonica), next to fully orchestrated pieces. All songs weave magnificent sound tapistries, worlds of tones, which create an extraordinarily loving and calming atmosphere.

For all those who love New Age music which is slightly influenced by Latin American folk music and Jazz, for all those who appreciate relaxing natural music, 'Camino del Agua' by Andres Condon is a real treasure".

Pressestimme zu "CD Baby"/ 2006

Andres and Navino, world musicians from Chile and Germany, merge the sounds of the guitar and vocals with lots of love and depth rounded off by a taste of South America."

Yoga Vidya Musikfestival Bad Meinberg, 2006

Andres Condon and Navino are the best performers at the first 'Festival de Música Natural', which starts today at the Los Lleuques Plaza. The Duo is held by the extraordinary Chilean guitarist and composer Andres, who musically mentored the famous TV series 'In the South of the World'. He is one of the rare Latin American musicians who has performed in Royal Albert Hall in London. Navino is a sensitive, highly musical German vocalist, who has joined Andres for several concert tours through the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, and the USA."

La Tercera / Chile, 2007