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Andres Condon


Navino Condon was born in Germany and since her early years was involved in music and singing. She is a natural singer. Audiences are delighted by the warmth of her voice and the beauty of her presence. On stage, she plays tampura and shruti. She learned different approaches to express the voice studiying Sufi Meditations. In 1984 she started in Germany Gut Hubenthal e.V., a Cultural Center that supports meditation, music, theatre, art and creativity. She has offered Concerts and Seminars in Europe, India, North and South America. Navino followed the call of her heart and became in 1983 Sanyasin of Osho, a well-known master of India. In 1984 she founded Along with some friends the Osho Life Community "Parimal Gut Hübental". This is a place for self - experience, meditation and creativity (www.parimal.de). Since 33 years, Parimal has developed into a spiritual village with over 70 inhabitants.

In India, Navino studied for seven years in the Meditation Academy of the Osho Commune in Poona, especially Vipassana, Zazen, and various other techniques to observe the body, the mind, the feelings and the silence. She completed several training courses as a mediator, pranahealing, reiki and dance therapist.

Since singing, dancing, celebrating and making music belong to everyday life in a Commune, Navino discovered the beauty of her own voice. She took singing lessons in India, Drupad-singing, the oldest Indian vocal style. Navino assisted in many Sufi camps. Through the practices like whirling dance and Zikr, she recalled the hidden unity and ecstasy. Since then she shares her experiences in events, workshops and concerts. The concerts and events, with dances and songs, meditations and life music, is organized by Navino together with her partner Andres Condon.

Navino also interprets poems by Sufi master Mevlana Rumi and compose her own songs.

The initial cultural association Parimal Gut Hübental e.V. was recently transferred to the cooperative Parimal Gut Hübental e.G. converted. Every year, many concerts and events have been organized with musicians from all over the world.