Andres Condon


Experience of Oneness


Is a way of expressing yourself through sounds, dance and movements, guided by Sarmad Ensemble with live music.

A beautiful Meditation for centering yourself. 

The whole search is for love: "Ishq." How do I fall in love with the whole? Am I in harmony with the whole? 

We are all people of love, because when your whole energy of life moves from the head to the heart, that's it.

In this workshop, we practice old and new techniques, that remind us of the ecstasy in celebrating life.

* Zikr - means to remember: movements, where voice and breathing are used to balance body, mind and soul - as with a musical instrument.

* Whirling: A dance in which the dancer turns around his own axis and is thus led into his own center.

Sarmad Ensemble

This music ensemble it is a wonderful support for the event.

Andres Condon - Guitar, Saz, Setar, Bandurria, Voice

​Chandira - Piano, Bass, Voice

Shantam - Flute, Sax

Jörn Berger - Trompet

Om Prakash - Violin

Veetam - Percussion, Drums