About Us

Andres was borned in Chile is a multi instrumentalist, singer, composer & producer. He has performed his music internationally and has been awarded for his work as a composer in various television educational documentaries.

Navino was born in Germany and since her early years was involved in music, singing and theater. She is a natural complete artist. Audiences are delighted by the warmth of her voice and the beauty of her presence. On stage, she reaches her inner power.

Our Story...

We are song writters, singers & travellers. Through our music we make audible our love for nature and life. We speak to the heart embracing a deep feeling of peace. 

In the year 2000 we met in one of the most amazing places in Germany, a little village called "Parimal". Instantly our souls regocnized our past lives and there was no doubt about it. Inmediately we took the chance to be together again on this beautiful planet. We thanks to the Universe for this great oportunity. 

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How we met

Andres Condon