WHERE: The Rosewind Common House, 275 Umatilla, Pt. Townsend                                                 WHEN: Monday, September 6.- 7.30PM -9.00PM                                                                                      TICKETS: $20 (at the door)                                                                                                                              CONTACT: Oma Landstra - (360) 385-6684)                                                                                              

WHERE: Gaby & Norm 2385 Queenswood Rd, Cadboro Bay, Victoria
WHEN: Saturday, September 7 - Doors Open at 7.00PM - Showtime at 7.30PM
TICKETS: $25 - 20% for Charity (www.ancientforestalliance.org)
CONTACT: Email: arnielade@shaw.ca - Phone: 250 519-1030

WHERE: Sundoor Yoga Center 8120 Central Road, Hornby Island, BC, Canada
WHEN: Monday, September 9 - 7.30PM                                                                                     TICKETS: $20 (at the door)
CONTACT sundooryoga@gmail.com Phone: (250) 335-2890

WHERE: Marla &Dave Koch 11611 NW 43rd. Ct, Vancouver, WA 98685                                            WHEN: Saturday, September 14. - 7:00PM                                                                                        TICKETS: $20.
CONTACT: Marla Koch - midlifecrisistour2002@yahoo.com

WHERE: Unity of Whidbey, 5671 Crawford Rd. Langley                                                                           WHEN: Friday, September 20 - 7.30PM
TICKETS: $20 (at the door)
CONTACT: Chandra Devi Judyth Reinchenberg Phone (360) 221 7715

WHERE: Portland Rowing Club, 100 SE Harney St, Portland, OR 97202
WHEN: Saturday, September 21. 8.00PM
ENTRANCE: Donation
CONTACT: acondon@musica.cl


Andres Condon


  • 9:14

We are very pleased that you have connected us!


This is our official website, created to keep up with our musical and events happenings.

We are blessed to make our living following our dreams of performing music, touching audiences in the finest concert halls across Chile, Europe & North America.


Whether we are in the studio working on a new project or jet setting to all of the far corners of the globe, this is the one place you can always go to know the latest with us and our music. We will be working to keep the information on our site current, topical, and fun. You never know when something new is going to pop up here for your music enjoyment!

It is  our lives work to express the emotions and feelings. It is how our spirits takes wing and soars to unreachable heights.

We hope that our music does the same for all of you.

Thank you!